To TS Gardens, each garden is an individual project and we consult with our clients throughout the whole planning and execution process. While we allow you as our clients to choose which plants you would prefer, as the experts TS Gardens advise you which will be best for your garden.  At TS Gardens our dream goal is to give you a custom designed garden perfectly created to your own wildest dreams.

 Landscaping services include:

  • Fertilizing.
  • Lawn suppliers and installers.
  • Pruning of shrubs and small trees.
  • Seasonal maintenance.
  • Soil preparation.
  • Site preparation and levelling.
  • Planting.
  • Edging.
  • Irrigation systems of most types.
  • Transplanting.

We advise you on the following:

  • The best positioning for certain plants.
  • Which plants prefer sun and which prefer shade.
  • What the client can expected of the size of plants once fully grown.
  • Which plants are most suited to your current home?
  • Where certain perennial plants would be more suited.
  • Where annual plants would be more suited in your garden.

3D Design

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